These web pages provide links to general business information that can be helpful in understanding business options available and working through business issues and questions.  Scroll down to find your topic of interest.

​Help for New and Existing Businesses

  • Launching Your Own Business Workshop.  This $15 workshop is presented by SCORE and the Indiana Small Business Development Corporation (ISDBC) to help entrepreneurs considering starting or actually starting a small business.  

  • SCORE has a brochure and associated webinar "How to Really Start Your Own Business" that provide an excellent introduction to the issues most entrepreneurs encounter.  A hardcopy of the brochure can be found in the SCORE office or an electronic version can be downloaded HERE.   The webinar replay can be accessed HERE

  • New and Small Business Education Center: Indiana's New and Small Business Education Center is one resource specifically created to help your business. This center can help you better understand state laws, the tax-filing process, different types of taxes, and the services available to help you as your business evolve.

  • Selling Your Business Checklist:  This web site provides a good check list so nothing is missed and has information on getting a sales agreement in place.

  • If you Close Your Business: If your account is no longer required because you have closed your business, you must complete the appropriate Indiana form and attach the required documentation. For fuel tax accounts, file Form MF-627.   For all other tax accounts, file Form BC-100. Click here for more information.

  • Closing Your LLC:  What you need to know.

  • Buying a Business Checklist:  This website gives steps in getting started and info on due diligence.

  • Buying and Selling Businesses is an excellent booklet that addresses the issues that need to be considered.  This 44 page booklet is available from the SCORE office.

  • Tips from the Indiana Secretary of State.  This is an excellent document of the rules regulating starting and operating a business in the state of Indiana.

  • Evansville Tech on Tap is focused on connecting the niches of the innovation ecosystem in Evansville. We welcome EVERYONE with an interest in starting or supporting innovation based companies.

Source of Funds

Many types of funding sources are available to a business owner including conventional bank loans, SBA guaranteed bank loans, friends and families, grants and peer-to-peer loans to name a few.

  • Grants:
    • Need help?  Helps with grant applications user friendly has a lot of positive testimonials.
    • Available grants:  This is your place to find and apply for federal grants.
    • Grants, Loans and the SBA FAQ.  How do I get money to start my business such as grants, bank loans, and money from SBA programs; what information do I have to provide, how much interest will I have to pay and how much personal capital injection and collateral will be required?
    • Find the Hidden Money in America:  As part of National Small Business Week, SCORE and the SBA invite you to attend this insightful webinar.
  • Loans from Financial Institutions:  Contact the local SCORE office for a list of lending institutional and their loan officers.
  • UE ACE3 Program.  Small loans for minority or women-owned business enterprises in the Evansville area with annual sales of less than $50,000.
  • SBA Guaranteed :Loans:  Site is great for filling out applications and guiding you through the process.
  • Peer-to-Peer Loans are found on the Internet.  The site owner solicits funds from small investors that is then available for lending.  Businesses requests loans by submitting a business plan and filling out an application.  The site analysis the request and assigns an interest rate.  Investors can then choose which loans they want to participate in.  Two selected sites to consider are:
    •  Loan programs interest rates very for 6.45% to 35% depending on credit score,  type of business and amount.
    •  Another source of pier to pier lending and again interest rats varies on credit score.

Quick Reads

​General References

  • Southwest Indiana Business Development Corporation FAQs:  The Indiana Small Business Development Center has many useful links to information useful to small businesses.
  • SCORE Evansville FAQs:  SCORE mentors have organized commonly asked questions from our Evansville clients along with answers from our mentors.  This document is available in hardcopy in the SCORE office or online by clicking above.

  • Workshops and Webinars:  SCORE has many online workshops (webinars) taught by experts with participation of SCORE clients and mentors.  These sessions have been recorded for playback at your convenience.

  • Business and Financial Templates:  SCORE also has many business plan and financial templates that can be helpful for both start-up and on-going businesses,  


  • The IRS Web Site, has substantial information on tax exempt organizations (note that the term non-profit is a state rather than a federal designation). Any client looking to structure their endeavor as a tax exempt organization should explore this site.  Clients should realize that non-profits are run by Boards of Directors. It may well be that the originator of the concept is given considerable day-to-day freedom to operate the organization but, unlike a business, there are constraints. The other point is that there is no equity for the originator; he or she is in effect just an employee.  Non-profits may own or have an affiliation with a for-profit business. This is common with organizations that sell products or services.

  • Expert Tips for Non-Profits:  SCORE Expert, Jim Maltry, provides important information.

  • Tips for Non-Profits:  Many SCORE documents aimed at non-profits.

  • Indiana Not-for-Profit guidelines.  Scroll down this Indiana Secretary of State document to find the Not-for-Profit section.

  • Useful Links for Non-Profits:  Use these links to find forms, fund raising techniques and hints.


  • ​Franchises can be a lower risk method toward business ownership.

  • Franchising Facts from "Franchise Direct".

  • Picking the Right Franchise

  • FranNet This site has complete information on franchises and is a source of what franchises are available and what is required to own one.

​The links below provide specific information on the topics highlighted


​Getting Help for Your Business

 These organizations provide support for small businesses in the tri-state area.

  •  SCORE :  SCORE is a non-profit business that provides services to entrepreneurs including workshops and free, unlimited and confidential mentoring.
  • ISBDC:  The Indiana Small Business Development Center provides workshops and mentoring services for new and existing businesses.
  • Library-EVPL:  The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library has extensive demographic and other information that is helpful in preparing a market analysis for a business plan.  Note that many of the resources available here require an EVPL Library Card.  If you are a resident or have a business in Vanderburgh County you can get your card from any branch.  If you live or work outside the county, contact your SCORE mentor for assistance.
  • SBA:  The Small Business Administration provides a wealth of information on its website.  They have recently added a security check--one must sign-in.  Simply enter a user name and password of your choosing and browse thousands of pages of business related information.
Select References for Entrepreneurs