You may think your small business could never be threatened with a cyber attack. However, small businesses are a particularly vulnerable target because they possess richer data assets than average consumers, but they don’t have the protection of larger businesses.

Almost 50% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack. More than 70% of attacks target small businesses.

Download this eguide for critical information on how to protect your data – and your business.

You’ll learn:

  • What is a Cyber Attack?    
  • What’s the Risk to Small Businesses  
  • What is Cyber-Security, and How Can Small Businesses Put it to Use?
  • 7 Basic Steps to Prevention
  • What Happens if A Business is Attacked?
  • Resources in Case of an Attack

As much as 60% of small and medium size businesses that experience a data breach go out of business after 6 months, so set up a cyber-security plan to protect yourself.

How to Protect Your Small Business from a Cyber Attack