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Ask SCORE: Business Plans

In this LIVE Q & A session, SCORE mentor and business plan expert Hal Shelton will devote the entire hour to answering YOUR questions. Read more

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Simple Steps for Starting Your Business: Module 1 - Startup Basics

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, this module will teach you the basics. Read more

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4 Steps to Starting a Successful Part-Time Business

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tax credit

Don’t Overlook Business Tax Credits and Deductions in PATH Act

December 7, 2016

Do you know about the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act? The law includes tax breaks that could help when it comes to purchasing equipment, hiring employees and more.


The 5 Forces Behind Small Business

November 22, 2016,

There are five factors which indicate the growth of small businesses in the next ten years.

How Many Americans Shop at Small Businesses?

How Many Americans Shop at Small Businesses?

November 18, 2016,

Ever wonder if Americans really value local businesses? An amazing 90 percent of Americans shop at a small business at least once each week.

Infographic: How Do Americans Support Small Businesses?

Infographic: How Do Americans Support Small Businesses?

Our latest infographic shows Americans’ love of small businesses with 90% of Americans shop at small businesses at least once a week. Read more

successful business people

Six Things Successful Business Owners Get Right

Here are six things that the owners of the successful businesses did that helped them fuel that success. Read more


A Free and Easy Way to Benchmark Your Business

Most business owners would like to know how they stack up against other similar businesses. Now there’s a new way to find out that’s both free and easy to use. Read more

job interview

Interview Questions You Can Never Ask Job Applicants – and What to Ask Instead

Download this checklist from ComplyRight of appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask job applicants. Read more

upset salesman

The 3 Biggest Sales Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make

October 20, 2016,

Many small business owners are not natural sales people, and as a result, they tend to be vulnerable to a few key mistakes in the sales process. Here is how to fix some of the biggest mistakes.

business woman contemplating

Infographic: What’s Top of Mind for Small Business Owners?

This infographic highlights the findings of Hiscox's 8th annual DNA of an Entrepreneur report. The report, which encompasses data from more than 1,000 U.S. Read more

woman holding speech bubble sign

How Are You Talking to Your Customers? Steps to Creating your Company Guide on Voice and Tone

October 17, 2016,

“Voice” and “Tone” are important reflections of your brand. You can think of voice and tone as your brand in the ear of your clients and partners. 

frazzled at work

Feeling Frazzled? Try Implementing These Systems in Your Small Business

September 30, 2016,

Systems translate tasks and notes that may exist only in your mind into a process that can be replicated by any member of your team — without you watching over their shoulder all the time.