"Evansville's mentors have the experience to help your business"

- Jack Buttrum, SCORE Evansville Past Chairman


Dick Arneson - (Mentors in business plans & strategy, business information systems, budgets)

Jack Buttrum - (Mentors in construction budgets, management, general manufacturing sales)

Dean Gaslin - (Mentors in Finance, Operations, Strategy, Government, Education, Construction, Education)

Nathan Jochum - (Mentors in PR, marketing, library business resources, and social media)

Roger Lehman - (Mentors in government regulations, sales and marketing, non-profits)

Rick Olson (Mentors in transportation, warehousing, finance)

Watez Phelps - (Mentors in education, food production, product development and strategic plans and has industry experience in hotels and restaurants)

Alan Taylor - (Sales, marketing, PR, manufacturing)

Sarah Thomas - (Finance & accounting, operations, planning, HR, Sales & marketing, retail & wholesale)