Business Plans


  • The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans.  This document lays out the steps to develop a business plan in easy to understand steps.

  • 7 Best Business Plan Templates.  Take your pick of the 7 best free templates including SCORE and Microsoft’s

  • Top templates for startups, established businesses and non-profits.  And, on the same page, access financial templates including cash flow.
  •  This web site has examples of business plans from various industries and types of businesses.  Most plans shown are complex, probably more so than plans generally need to be.  But viewing the examples is educational.  The site sells business plan templates which we do not generally recommend.

  • Independent Contractors and Employees:  Good web site to understand the difference between independent contractors and employees.  Another web site gives the IRS Rules on determining the classification of contractor vs. employee.

  • Exit Plan for the Business Plan:  Exit planning is an essential part of the business plan.  If you start a business, you need to know how to get out of it in an organized way. Help is offered on the web: